Mobile app feature suggestions

A few ideas that turn in my head while spinning away on my hamster wheel:

  1. It would be nice to make the swipe left/right for panels to roll around back to the home screen.  By this I mean that if I want to go from the stats view to the list of riders I swipe left twice and to get back reverse this.  I would prefer to just keeping swiping one way and have the screens roll over back to home.  See the Strava mobile app for a good example of what I mean when you look at an activity detail.
  2. How about an easier way to give a ride on for people?  Can I swipe on the person’s name to do it?  It might conflict a little with the panel switching, so maybe double tap or tap and hold?
  3. It would be great to have a panel for workout mode that shows your current set stats (avg power, avg HR, etc) along with current values.  This panel would be useful in regular ride mode as well as many people are asking for average stat displays.  Throw in TSS and some other geeky stuff for extra measure.

I’ve been using the iOS version.  It is quite handy.

Hi Duane,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions I will definitely add them to the request list. There will be some mobile app changes coming in future so hang on tight and in meantime, 

Ride On!

Another suggestion: I was doing a workout the other day and was experimenting with my preference to use ERG mode.  I was doing this by pressing “e” on the keyboard and toggling it there, but it would be really nice if the proposed workout panel mentioned above had a on/off toggle for ERG mode.