Working with Wahoo Kickr

(Steele Baillie) #1

Q - Do I need an ANT + to get on Zwift? 

I’m having some issues getting on Zwift with my new Wahoo Kickr. I’ve read a few different pieces or which tells me I don’t need an ANT + and the next article says I do. 

I’ve been into a few stores to ask but seems a lot of people haven’t actually used it and ‘think the answer is’. At this stage I’m set up on Windows 10 surface pro but could also use a mini ipad if this works better. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 

(Brandon Copeland WSR/ODZ) #2

Yes, you need an Ant+ stick to use the Kickr with Zwift.

The Kickr actually supports Bluetooth 4.0 as well, but unfortunately Zwift does not support Bluetooth 4.0 as of current, so you have to use Ant+. 

I would recommend getting a usb extender for your Ant+ stick as well, so that you can locate it right next to your Kickr.  This will eliminate any dropouts that may occur.

(Steele Baillie) #3

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m glad to have finally worked out what I need, I’ll get on and order. Will see you on the track! Thanks again. 

(Brandon Copeland WSR/ODZ) #4

No problem.  Enjoy, and see you on the “road”!