Wont take my password? says "check internet connection"

(Wheelbrother 1) #1

When I try to log in, after I enter the password, it says “check internet connection” which I did and it was fine. I then rebooted the computer-no change.
The password is correct as I logged in to post this.

(Kyle Polansky) #2

Sounds like a possible firewall issue. Did you try checking it? Do you have any special internet connection settings like a proxy or something? No sure how you would configure that in game, but just some suggestions.

(Scott) #3

Submit the ‘log.txt’ file in a support ticket and we’ll take a look under the hood.

(Wheelbrother 1) #4

Can you tell me how to pull the log.txt file?

(Scott Ladieu) #5

had the same issue. it was the firewall, disabled it and was able to login fine.

(Samuel Mendelow) #6

Hey Zwift, I literally turned off all my firewall and security settings possible and nothing, still does not work.