Womens Jerseys - feedback relative to women

I love the fact that we now have womens jerseys, however, the ranking at the top (real time as we are attempting to get the jerseys) are relative to everyone not just women.   I would like to see some kind of indication to what the top WOMEN’s time is and how close we are to winning it.  And also what our ranking is relative to women (not everyone).

Hi Karen, 

You should be able to see all women’s times of any segment in the leader board on left hand side. This leader board can be switched on all the time or only as you approach the segment. (you can change this in settings) 

Unfortunately you can’t see it in the main countdown in the middle of the screen. If you want me to I can add it to the feature request list?

Would be great to see the leaderboards overall along the side (at least the top/fastest time) for all riders not just women.  Often time there are only a handful of women on the course and I’d like to see how I rank against the men.   

Yes it would be nice to see a countdown of my time relative to the fastest female added in addition to seeing the mens times countdown, so yes - feature request.

Ok no problem Karen.

Ride On!