Leaderboard customisation

I’d like to see the ability to customise the leaderboard stats that appear within segments. As a female rider it’s pointless being able to see the men’s times and I’m sure equally it’s a waste of time the men seeing our times.

In conjunction with this it’s quite demoralising when within a segment that I get compared to the first place time which is always going to be men and then when that time passes it trickles down through the men’s time. I end up having to wait for the leaderboard to cycle round to womens times and then looking at my own time and seeing whether my ETA is on track.

Within settings make it either a gender specific or ‘all times’ setting.

It would be great to be able to select by gender, age or race category.

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For what it’s worth, if you’re a man the Leaderboard doesn’t cycle through the women-specific Leaderboard at all. You see them in the overall Leaderboard, but that’s it.

Well that’s even more blooming galling then!! :zipper_mouth_face: