Leader Board at Lap Finish

(Jim Purtell, KoS) #1

I like to see where I stand at the end of the sprint sections and the lap finish, but would like to have a similar view of the leader boards as though I was looking at another rider.  Or even the ability to see the leader times with a shortcut key.  I am not the fastest on the island by any stretch, but there are times when I can be competitive for the jerseys.  Having the ability to look at the leader times without having to click away from my own view would sometimes determine if I am going to put in a full effort or not.  Thank you.

(Rob Toeppner) #2

I like this James.   I really don’t want to click on anything while riding, so in addition to the small range above and below my current time, would be great to see:

1.  Top 5 times for a given challenge.

2.  My PR for a given challenge.

I think these may have been mentioned before though.

(David Burgess) #3

A big agreed, as above. Really not sure why the leaderboards are only visible when switching to view another rider. A simple keyboard button to press to toggle the leader boards on or off would be an excellent feature to add. I’d probably have it on most of the time so if I feel like I’m up to it I could go all out and maybe, just maybe, find myself at the top of the chart, for a few seconds.

(Dave Laird) #4

Absolutely agree. I’d like to see two leaderboards: a “minifeed” version that can sit at the side of the screen, and a full screen view that has much larger fonts and more detail (top 5, my speed, and average w/kg of each entry so we know what it would take to match). Both feeds should be accessible/dismissible via single keyboard clicks like F for the full feed and V for the minifeed.