Ability to see only friends in the on-screen leaderboard

Some friends and I use the Meet-up feature to set up “private” races. It works OK to a certain extent but there are a number of limitations. I won’t list all the limitations here, but one thing that would really help if racing, or even just social riding in a Meet-up, would be the ability to only select friends to see on the leaderboard on the right hand side of the screen. When it’s busy, there’s so many riders on screen that you can be only a few seconds ahead or behind a friend and still not see them at all on the leaderboard, because there are so many other random riders in between you. Obviously it’s really useful to see time gaps between people you’re either racing or riding socially with. If there’s a work-around for this problem anyone knows of in the meantime, I’d be grateful to hear about it! Cheers

just put your :pray: together and think about it with all your powers inside. maybe it will happen in 100 years!

Well you can probably say that about all the feature requests on here but no harm in asking!!