Wireless connetion repeatedly locks up screen of televison!

i have an issue. i set up a wireless connection between a smart tv and laptop. it never fails to connect, but after 15 minute the screen for the tv lock the video signal. Mind you the audio from Zwift is still playing.

i have tried this dozens of times across two of the same televisions, and the malfuntion still exist.

But run a cable between the teo and there is no issue. What is it that im not picking up on?

Anyone that has had this take place??

Also found out on the messaging issue that after you all helped me fix it, that after testing a couple of messages there is still a problem.

The message box comes up and i fill in a msg. i hit return the box disappears and the message never goes on screen.Zwift is starting to be like a job trying to get it up and running with no issues…

How are you casting to the tv?
Using the tv’s own software or something like a Chromecast?
Are you directly casting or via Wi-Fi?

As fur the messaging i use this day in day out. The only times the message fails to send is of the connection between Zwift and the servers are lost, usually as a result of my Wi-fi.

If you’re casting using Wi-Fi then i suspect there’s an issue there in that you’re losing messages and having screen freezes. Both rely on a strong connection.

Hi Stuart,

I am sending the signal directly from my computer with the TV in Mirror mode. It connect flawlessly each time, but the screen for the TV bombs out each time. So yes the TV has some ware to allow the connection. Funny part a cabled connect runs for day and days with no issues.

FYI: I have a good connection (500 Mbps) which is more than enough bandwidth to support Zwift being mirrored to a television imo.

There is the companion app. I can text on it until I get tired it seems.

I’m see so much extra stuff take place. Sensors not being seen, sometimes I have been connected , other ties not… I could write a book…lol!!

I do appreciate your help…

For what it’s worth, I’ve attempted to wirelessly mirror a number of different devices to televisions - Android phones, iPhones, iPads, PCs - and I’ve never had great results, often resulting in disconnections as you’ve described.

I gave up and switched to a cable or wired dongle which work flawlessly.

The point of Zwifting is for the software to “get out of the way” and let you get your sweat on with minimal friction. Adding wireless display troubleshooting is just one more point of failure that’s likely to interrupt a ride.

Hi CJ,

Trust that it’s been a royal PIA thus far. I went to a cable last week that runs like a scalded pig. So I’m not sure why the wireless connection seems to only take a dive on the newest TV in my house. Set is only 2 weeks old… As a matter of fact I exchanged it for another just like it… Now I just need to figure out Zwift…

I changed out my trainer to a Kinetic and Kinetic sensor, so I’m going to see how it upsets the balance of things… I have an IGS630
computer with a cadence and a speed sensor attached to the bike. Zwift seems a lil quirky at times…

Thanks for the advice…

Have you tried screen mirroring with the new TV when you’re not using Zwift? It may be a problem with screen mirroring with the TV or with WiFi signal to the TV. A cable is really the best solution if you want it to be rock solid.