BT Broadband / Garage / Apple TV Issue

Hi All,

I have for the past four weeks been using Zwift and thoroughly enjoyed the experience to date it’s really got me interested in running again. However, I use an old Apple TV device that I ‘Screen Mirror’ from my phone onto the garage where my TM is situated to use Zwift which isn’t running as well as I hoped.

Yesterday and intermittently I have had issues with my connection and Zwift, although running fine on my phone it is running slowly on Apple TV to the point where it’s twenty seconds or more out of sync, running slowly, sticking and effectively not normal.

I had previously explained this to BT (who are very difficult to get hold of during COVID times) and they sent me an ‘extender’ to be placed in the garage and another device plugged in next to the router. Although there had been improvement, the example I have given above was a real challenge yesterday and impacted on my run due to the lagging so it’s not resolved the issue in full.

I will likely have to contact BT again but is there a solution that the community may have or advise of that can give me a reliable connection. I had previously used a TP3 connection / link but same issue as the extender.

I am hoping that I can get this issue permanently resolved and would be grateful for help and assistance.

Kind regards,


20s or more out of sync is horrible. I guess you know that.

Anyway, in my experience mirroring from your phone or even a laptop to the AppleTV will be noticeably laggy, but typically only a second or two. This assumes your internal wireless network is good. You basically have to get that wireless network sorted.

Alternative is to bring the phone to the garage and plug it into the AppleTV via a cable. You’ll have to get a special cable for that. That will eliminate 99% if not all of your lag issues.

Thank you for the reply Lin. What cable will I need to connect from my phone or iPad to the tv ?

I ordered a hdmi conversion cable so I hope that does the jobl