Winter TT events

I am wanting to set up a weekly TT event where the results show up in Zwift Power so we can run a racing league through the winter Oct to March on a 16km route. In the past we have used British cycling London flat on a wed night but currently there are no TT events available for us to piggyback on. Is it possible to become an event organiser so we can create a suitable event to run at 18:30 UK time on a Tue, Wed or Thur evening each week? and if not do you know when the autumn/winter events list will be updated showing more TT events?

I can’t speak for Zwift about organizer privileges (@James_Zwift is the man for that) but if you’d like to work with an established organizer with a UK based club, Rhino Racing would be happy to discuss it with you. The team regularly does TTT events and you’d probably pick up some participants from the club as well. Drop in to the club Discord if you are interested. Rhino Racing

Scheduling of each event series is decided by Zwift based on their understanding of the calendar and expected participation.

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