Windows Zwift Launch error [SOLVED]

Hi there, I am using you windows HP elitebook laptop, core i7 8th generation. I’ve downloaded the app. Fast Internet connection. Once i click the zwift icon i get the following error.

“Zwift encountered the following error: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. If the problem persists please contact Zwift support.”

Can you please assist what this error means?


Hi @Farid_Bhuiyan

That’s not a common error message. My guess is that something that’s acting as a firewall is interfering with the normal operation of the Zwift app. Don’t know if that Fast Internet Connection app is creating problems with other apps on your computer, but that seems like a likely suspect.

Other firewall software and malware apps can interfere as well - please be sure to allow “Zwift.exe” to pass through them. If the interference is happening at your WiFi router, it might require you to open some ports. Details are on our support page.

Would you loop back and let us know if this resolved your error?

Connect computer temporarily to your mobile data and see if that changes the behaviour.
Is it a work computer?

Cheers lads for quick response.

I found the issue. Windows Defender firewall blocking the app to work. This is a work laptop so i need to get in touch with IT. Only work IT team can allow this app to work on this laptop. At this stage its unlikely they will allow but no harm to give it a try!