Windows 10 - Zwift keeps closing itself without error message after a few hour

Hello Zwift Community,

since 2,5 weeks i am trying to get the Eversting badge but the Windows 10 Version of Zwift keeps closing itself after a few hours without error message.
First try it closed after 3,5 hours. Second attempt it closed after 5,5 hours. on my third attempt it started to lag like ■■■■ while only had 5% CPU and around 7% GPU usage.

Anyone has any idea what could be causing that?

I have no other Problems with my Computer. Everything is working well.
Other games work for long gaming sessions ( more then 10 hours ) without any Problems


Is anything running in the background that could force Zwift to close?

Are you on a laptop or a desktop? If desktop, maybe try removing the cover to get more airflow, and point a small fan at the CPU.

As I mentioned in my post:
CPU usage is 5% and GPU around 7%.
I run my system on custom water cooling.
The CPU and GPU are around 40°C.
Everything else is working well. I can play games like gtav ( which has around 80% CPU and GPU usage) for 10 hours+ without any problems.

Maybe try dropping the log file of the crashed session into and see if it tells you anything.

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If crashing is your issue, I would suggest you try finding more info in Window’s event log.

See my favorite post, “Sending Crash Logs to Support:slight_smile:

“Cool” machine you have there… :grinning:

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Hi @picard

if the crash happened in the past 24 hours, please email your crash log to

If the crash is a few days old, please follow these directions. Specifically, we want the log.txt file from the date that the crash occurred, and also the file called ComputerSpecs.txt

My suspect on a high-spec computer is a graphics driver that needs updating. Please also see this support article.