New PC with windows 10, Zwift crashes

A new pc build with fresh windows 10 pro, but not able to get Zwift running stable.
On the hardware side we have Gigabyte z690 gaming x with an Intel Alder Lake CPU (12600K) with 10 cores. Patriot Steel series ddr4 RAM. GPU is Nvidia 1080ti.

PC is stable for other apps and programs, but Zwift will run for some time before it crashes. Windows still working after zwift crash. So why is this happening?

Drivers and windows updated.


Do you have your CPU or GPU overclocked?

Hi @Tore_Olavi_Dahl_V welcome to zwift forums

Looks like you have a very capable system there. We’ll want to see the crash logs from that PC to help figure it out. For one-on-one assistance like this - it’s better to work with you via email support because we’ll want you to email us the crash logs stored on your PC.

Here’s the instructions to find the crash log. I see you’ve contacted us already for what sounds like a different issue. Paula responded 2 days ago - would you reply and also reference the URL for this discussion so she’s aware of this issue too?