Windows 10 crash

Dear community,
Is anyone having difficulties with zwift on Windows 10 since major updates (1.1.1 for Zwift and latest Windows 10 update 21H2). I am not able to finish a single zwift session before seeing a blue screen anymore. Sometimes after 20mn, sometimes 40… Very annoying.
Any assistance troubleshooting is welcome.

I’ve tried without success:
Reinstalling zwift
Using only Ant+
Using only BT

Since it’s a “proper” blue screen, I tend to think it is more HW related but I might be wrong.

Please post up the detailed spec of your PC.

blue screens are generally hardware related you are correct there but it can also be drivers causing the blue screens

It is a DELL optiple 3050, SSD drive, 8Gb RAM, graphic card is INTEL HD Graphics 630 (4Gb)
BT and ANT+ generic dongles.

if it happens again try to make a note of the error on the blue screen of death, it should give some indication of where/what’s causing it to crash

I will have to be fast ! Jump off the bike, grab my phone and take a picture before this computer restarts !


Good suggestions all around have been offered here. I’d also be curious to see a photo of the BSOD, which will typically list the error in more detail.

If you want our tech support team to investigate, feel free to send us a support request. If you do, please include your standard Zwift log files, Windows Event Viewer (EVTX) crash logs, and your full computer specs.

  • Instructions for sending us Zwift log files are in this article.
  • Instructions for sending us EVTX crash logs are in this article.
  • Instructions for sending us your full computer specs are in this article.

You can contact us here.

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Look in reliability history (hit Start and type it in) to see a more friendly version of Event Viewer stuff. Any BSOD should trigger a few entries.

I think I created a request from the chat. Not quite sure though. Is there anyway I can track a support ticket ?

I will open a new one with required files. Thanks @Steven_D

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Interesting. Thanks for this tip. I’ve never heard of this reliability history…

Another blue screen today, after 15mn … very very annoying. BSOD mentions DPC Watchdog Violation.
I’ve opened a ticket with support. Will see if they have any idea of what is causing those BSOD

DPC Watchdog Violation (error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation) is a common issue in the Windows operating system. It’s occurred due to some specific reasons, like unsupported SSD firmware, old SSD driver version, hardware incompatibility issues, or system files are corrupted.

There are a few quick things to try like the memory diagnostic tool (again just hit Start and type it in) but any BSOD relates to a fundamental hardware or software issue. Software can be ruled out pretty easily with a clean install of Windows - allow it to install all necessary drivers for you, there’s literally no need to do anything manually - and then Zwift. If it’s still crashing after that with everything as standard, then it’s almost certainly a hardware issue which is unfortunately a lot harder to track down and can only really be done as a process of elimination.

I am going to proceed with a new fresh windows 10 and Zwift install and will keep my fingers crossed.

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