Win10 with gFoliagePercent > 5 crash in "The uber pretzel"


I have tried to do “The uber pretzel” twice and both times the application has been closed when passing through the arc towards “Apez Zwift”.

In both attempts the graphic configuration was above gFoliagePercent > 5 and when I put it in 2 it hasn’t crashed.

I have ultra configuration PC with nvidia geforce 960 and resolution1200px. When the program closes the GPU consumption does not reach 80% in 40fps.

do you know anything about it?


5 is 500% which is way above the normal range for a gtx 960. I would recommend leaving it at the normal setting. It’s an undocumented, unsupported hack.


I understand but the result of an aggressive configuration should not give low PFS instead of closing?
So far I was with a configuration of 10 and had no problems.

thanks and best regards