Will my bike work with Zwift hub?

Hi. I would like to buy Zwift Hub, but i’m worried about my MTB bike…
Will my bike work with Zwift hub? I found information that Zwift hub is compatible with 130 mm and 135 mm quick release and 12x142 mm and 12x148 mm thru axles. Also, compatible with disc brake sizes: 140 mm and 160 mm. How can I check this parameters in my bike? I don’t have any manuals. My bike is Specialized Rockhopper (2017 years), 2x10 cassete, shimano deore xt gears, shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Thanks in advance.

Looks like your bike has a 135mm quick release axle and 160mm rotor in back. Should be compatible with any modern direct drive trainer.

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It will 'work" but will be less than ideal as you will quickly run out of gears when trying to go faster on Zwift.

Isnt that what the trainer difficulty setting is for?

If Trainer difficulty could be dialed up to a value over 100%, that might work for this use-case. But otherwise, no.

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It’s what this thread is for:

If there’s not enough resistance on flat roads, no level of trainer difficulty will help. Higher trainer difficulty only increases resistance on climbs. It will lower resistance on descents and do nothing on flat roads. It looks like the bike may have a 36x11 high gear (count the teeth on the large chainring to verify) which will be adequate for some riders but not all. If it’s not, the QZ app can be used to increase base resistance with virtual gears (qzfitness.com).