Why UPG status on TDZ stage 7?

Same problem here…needs to be fixed in all categories.

Rode Stage 7 this morning (6am Eastern start time) - what a wonderful amusement. Not sure if it was caused by the short lap being repeated or something else, but we got large waves of riders in multiple status - groups in TdZ kit lapping us, riders in non TdZ kit, riders in the other direction, riders doing Zwift workouts - and these would appear, disappear, reappear through the ride. They were on the road, not on the list of riders around me (presumably because they were on another lap?). Quite the show. Apparently from chat comments during the event this was happening for all riders on all platforms.


Not just that - the list of riders on the same ride didn’t display correctly. I was affected, and a number of people on chat were also affected. This happened during the 9am EST ride. Further, all categories of riders got mixed up during my ride. I only saw other A riders for the majority of the ride, but I saw a number of the other categories mixed in.

I’ve just rode the Stage 7 - Shorter Ride and not listed in the results in ZP. Instead I have UPG next to my name. Why is this?

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Thanks Steve. Thats odd, I’m a cat B though.


Any reason I was DQ in a group ride TDZ Stage 7 short ride? Zwift Power has me as cat B for races but why does this apply for what are really group rides?

Seems that someone has setup Stage 7 as w/kg cats rather than distance which has resulted in a lot of people in C cat being automatically UPG.

Here the same. UPG in Stage 7 Kat B at 5:00 PM.
Follow the ZP Link: - h**p://www.zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1673239 -

@shooj @xflintx
can anybody fix that please?
thanks in advance!

Everyone - thanks for flagging this up. We’ve combined all your reports into this one thread.

We’re already working on fixing this for all the Stage 7 events moving forward.
The results for the events that have happened already will be regenerated.

No need to write in about it - just give us a little time to set it right.


The results are showing correctly for me. Thanks :slight_smile: :smiley:


Weird though that the time on Zwift Power doesn’t match the time I was shown when finishing. Sad I know but I usually take a screenshot at the finish line. Don’t judge :wink:

I had the same at my ride at 12 O clock. And it isn’t listas as a tdz ride and not forwardeo to strava!

These should all be fixed now and we should (hopefully) have no more issues. I just went through and verified all the events personally, and checked a couple other spots as well for safety.

If you see the UPG tag applied on a Stage 7, let me know in this thread and I’ll fix it.

Thanks everyone for the quick reporting, as always.

Now get out there and ride!


I assume that the (probable) error in Cat setup also explains the “visual” of other riders on the course, and the fix you refer to also corrects these symptoms?

The issue here had to do with a change we made to the start times of the categories midway through the TdZ calendar, and that change for the latter events (e.g., Stage 7) was not taken into account on my part in ZwiftPower when it came to setting up the race.

Essentially, there was an inconsistency with the event setup that made it not match from the Zwift side to the ZwiftPower side.

If the visual you’re referring to makes it seem like riders are flickering in and out of view more regularly than in events past, that’s unrelated to category setup for the event and comes from our recent update of how the riders register on the screen during large scale events.

No, that “visual” is not what I’m talking about. Refer to my post earlier in this thread. We had tons of riders visible, not on the rider list, who maybe were from the A and C and D events. The rider ahead of me in the list would be 5 seconds ahead, and there would be 15 other riders visible in between. This only started when we reached the point in the lead-in where you join the lap course.

I see the UPG tag on stage 7 in my results.

Please let me know which Stage 7. There are over 70 total, and a good chunk have already been finished.

Thanks @xflintx all sorted for me now. :+1:

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