Why UPG status on TDZ stage 7?

Hello. New here, sorry if this is a FAQ. But the TDZ categories define the route (and the distance) and are not based on WKG, yet on Stage 7 I did Cat B (3 laps) and on ZP I’m filtered for UPG, which would make sense if it was a race -in which case I would have entered the correct cat- but not so much for the TDZ as it hasn’t been this way for stages 1-6. Anyone able to fix this? It’s my first Silver place ha ha ha!

Hey Paul,

I had the same happen to me tonight when I entered TDZ Option C which i thought wasn’t graded. i didnt have the time for Option B. I would have just done the B stage tomorrow if I had known I would get a UPG.

hopefully its just a glitch and it gets resolved.

updated with link to the event . Thanks Marco for the response.
I’m not able to post the URL as its throwing an error but end of URL is /events.php?zid=1673215



The event was likely set-up with the wrong settings. You can rest assured that TdZ and/or “group rides” do not use the Cat-system, and any enforcement of these are incorrect. It should be possible to restore retroactively, but there needs to be someone with the time to do it.

EDIT: if anything can be done, the easiest would be to include a ZP link to the event directly.

@shooj @xflintx

Not really sure who to tag, but this issue seems to happen rather frequently lately - there’s been multiple posts on the forum in various threads. Just wanted to make sure it’s on the radar.


OK, good point - I assumed it was an issue with all rides in the stage, as this is the first stage where the route was the same (although different distances) across each category.

My specific issue is the 8am GMT race:

(I am not allowed to post a link, so I’ve binned protocol and hostname and left unique portion.)


It’s all Stage 7 events. Looking at random results on ZP and there’s loads of folk filtered with UPG reason.

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I have the same UPG problem :frowning:

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Same for me!! Top few finishers (I was 4th) all chalked off the Group B Stage 7 ride

Ah, so that’s why I was about 60th on the road (dirt?) and 10th in ZP in the C event this morning. All those guys and gals that blew their guts out ahead of me got UPG’d! And some of them were putting down impressive numbers on those road bikes! Glad I didn’t ride the B event!

This is really funny.
What a joke.
All those UPG riders in the B and C categories.
Glad I did the A ride this morning TDZ 7.

Also in D

yes they considered A B C as cat on this stage (bad prog) instead of dist cat…sot it created lot of UPG loool

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Same here. I only had time for the C ride and finished top 20 yet UPG. Not great to have ridden hard for UPG and yes I know it is only fun but it also wasn’t a race so nobody should be UPG


Any reason I was DQ in a group ride TDZ Stage 7 short ride? Zwift Power has me as cat B for races but why does this apply for what are really group rides?

Hi, I see they Dq’d half the short field, I assume it must be a mistake and hopefully they will rectify

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Yes I was looking for other riders who were around me and they are also missing. Not important but nice to see listed in the results.


Also see Why UPG status on TDZ stage 7?

Thanks for the info

Seems that someone has setup Stage 7 as w/kg cats rather than distance which has resulted in a lot of people in C cat being automatically UPG.

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23 “D-route” riders (self included) UPG from one instance. (id 1673466)

Yes, this needs fixing please, Zwift!