UPG in group ride looks odd

Good morning,
I did a base ride yesterday and joined as an A rider a B category group ride (no race) and received an UPG, which looks odd to me, as there are no race points and as I am alsways racing in A. The group ride was “3 R Endurance Steady Ride” and I assume there will be more affected like me, as we were > 150, but just 56 in the zp “finisher” list.
Thanks, Christian

You are best to reach out to the ride organiser as UPG should only be for races. Sounds like the ZP event configuration needs adjusted.

Why should it only be for races? Its meaning is only “Please Upgrade”, and you still have access to your metrics.

If you’re entering a D Recovery Group ride as a B rider it would be pretty daft to get a DQ flag next to your name for it.

It’s a misconfigured set up in ZP.

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Hi John, yes you’re right I can still see my metrics in my profile, but not in the event overview. I think it’s configured the wrong way, as I can do other recovery/ group rides in others categories without being “flagged”

By definition a DQ is something that happens in a competition. Since it wasn’t a competition, a DQ does not exist. What exists is a UPG which indicates that the riders with such a flag may (or may not) have results that are not representative of the category that the ride was setup under.

Nothing prevents a B rider from riding in a D ride, but at the same time from what I can tell, what harm is there for a UPG?

The organizer should not have setup event filtering for a group ride.

No one want a UPG in their profile especially if it was a group ride. The ride organizer should fix the ride settings.

This will just confuse riders. Group rides is open to any rider.

I think of it more like fence zapping without any zapping.

From the standpoint of an event leader who is leading an example 1.2-1.5 wkg recovery ride, wouldn’t you want the 3-4wkg flyers’ results relegated to the side after the event? Not the case for the OP’s situation, but as a general method of control it seems practical.

There are other tools available on zp to DQ flyers if that’s what leaders want to do. I know of one group that does it regularly.

UPG is a DQ for entering wrong cat which should only be used for race events,.

No why? Once the flyers are out of site no one cares about them. It is just to much unnecessary admin for the organizer on top of all they already have to do.

Not any more work if UPG does it automatically (or WKG if applicable). And you can’t have it both ways – if you don’t care about the results because it’s a ‘ride’ then you don’t care about whether there are UPGs or whatnot either.

Have those reminders as well probably can’t hurt from anti-sandbagging standpoint, especially for riders who haven’t been around Zwift for long or haven’t raced but are thinking about it.

It is more work because it has to be done manually because a A rider riding with the leader of a D ride will get a UPG if it is set automatically.

I do care if someone get a UPG that has no reason to be there it will just confuse people because a organizer made a mistake.

How will it help with sandbagging, since it is a group ride and everybody can join any group depending on what type of ride they are looking for.

Back in a bit. Just need to go and DQ myself from a few hundred group rides.


So other than my tongue in cheek comment, there’s a few things extra to consider.

  • I don’t believe pace driven group rides should be on Zwiftpower.
  • “Categories” are not categories. They are recommended pace for the ride
  • Sometimes the above has zero correlation to the actual letter of the category and are instead just a letter.

Regardless how you look at ti, UPG is a disqualification marker used in races. These are not races (I revert back to point 1). There is absolutely zero grounds for either WKG Upgraded or WKG Enforcement to be turned on for group rides. IMHO it shouldn’t (and this is on us) even be possible to set category based rules for group rides.

And yes, John, fully appreciate that you and I share an entirely different opinion, which of course you’re entitled to, but I firmly believe there should be no penalties issued (and the UPG code is definitely a penalty) on a group ride.

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As mentioned, DQ isn’t a term applicable to an event that’s not a competition in the first place. If concern would be a UPG showing in a rider’s profile, are you aware that there’s a simple filter that allows just showing a rider’s “Races” vs. “All”? Mind you, it’d be nice if ZP had an actual column as well that showed the event type when viewing “ALL”

I like the idea that it is on ZP, it is nice to compare efforts after the event there are some more challenging group rides out there where I would like to see if the pace was harder or was I just tired.

But time based group rides should probably not be there.

Why add all this effort for an event that had a mistake in the setup.

No, this is your definition and not necessarily the definition of what the flag actually is.

Because there are also ride type events that have mini races at the ends. It’s more of a why not question. I realize that among the longer-term Zwift participants, that UPG now has a negative connotation but can’t we overcome that.

Not really “all this effort” – takes about 1/2 second to click the “Races” filter at the top when looking at a profile.

It’s just a flag indicator.