Why so much Richmond?

I’m a relatively new zwift user (I joined in January) and I’ve been wondering why Richmond seems to be disproportionately common as a daily world (I feel like it’s there on about 40-50% of each month)?

I was wondering if it may be a ‘capacity’ issue (this is almost certainly an incorrect term) as there seems to always be a shorter course on rotation (Yorkshire, Paris and Richmond) - and Richmond is just the most common combination with other worlds.

I feel like it’s one of the least interesting worlds so find myself getting a little frustrated that it seems to be an option so often, when there are world’s with more KMs and more interesting terrain that seem to not pop up as much.

If you want to ride a world that’s not a guest world, you can do that by creating a Meetup. You only need to invite one other person, and they don’t need to show up.

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