Why is Zwift support so abysmal?

I have an issue that I cannot get Zwift to fix. I submit the issue, it goes to an Ambassador, they can’t fix it and say they’ll escalate it to Zwift, nothing happens. I then have to submit the issue again, I say Abassadors can’t fix it, an Ambassador gets in touch, they can’t fix it, and the whole cycle starts again. This is absolutely rubbish. Does anyone know how I can get Zwift support to reply to me!!!

You may have already done this but have you posted a DETAILED description of your issues on this forum?

There is a massive amount of experience here and someone or a collective may be able to assist. If you have posted here what was the result? Do you have a link to the post?

Yes I did post on this forum but unfortunately no one replied!! I’m unable to post the link here as the forum won’t allow it,

I’ve added a screen shot.

There’s a time zone setting in Zwift as well…

I think that is only for the forums.

Is the device you’re running zwift on showing the correct timezone?

There is a world hack to change the time and date of your phone to the date of the world you want to ride so maybe that could also skew your calendar if it is incorrect?

Oh, you might be right. Oops.

Yes the device is running the correct date, time, and time zone. I have not changed the time zone in over a year. I haven’t traveled outside Sydney since before February 2020. I have restarted the device (laptop) quite a few times. I have also reinstalled the Zwift app twice. It was in the correct timezone until about two months ago then suddenly went wrong.

Did you delete all the files in the documents folder and all traces of Zwift before reinstalling?

If you type TZUTIL /g at the command prompt what do you get ?

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I’m pinging @Josie_Losie as she seems to be in charge of ensuring that issues submitted to Zwift Ambassadors without resolution get escalated properly to tech support. Hopefully she can help you.

Josie here is Tony’s original problem which he contacted support and posted on the forum:

Do you mean in the terminal window?

Hi Mike, if I do that will I lose all my ride history, FTP etc?

At the CMD prompt.
Type CMD and its should say Command Prompt
Open it and then type TZUTIL /g and then press the Enter key

It will display what it thinks is your current time Zone
AUS Eastern Standard Time

Type Exit to close the command prompt

Here’s what I see in the Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 5.32.40 pm

My apologies I assumed a PC
Can you check that the correct Timezone is selected by following this link - hopefully correct for you
Search for support Apple mac HT203413
i cant paste a hyperlink

Hi John, I’m very grateful for your willingness to offer help.
I am confident the time zone is correct. I’d add that I have not changed time zones in a year and a half, and this issue started suddenly two months ago.
Cheers Tony

No problem Tony, i’m sure there would have been some Apple updates in that time and could possibly have changed something or disabled your location services

Are you absolutely sure the course calendar actually used to adapt to your time zone? I mean, the course changeover happens at the same time for everybody so it only matches the calendar day in eastern US and elsewhere in that timezone, so I’m not sure making it timezone-sensitive even makes that much sense. (Then again of course I personally never ride early enough to notice the discrepancy myself…)

You can follow the instructions here to delete Zwift folders and reinstall but keep your Personal Bests and Custom Workouts: