Why is Zwift support so abysmal?

Thank you @Lebasi_Lashley for bringing this to my attention. @Tony_Merritt I’ve located your query, and we’ll get someone in touch with you to follow up.

I’ve juts installed Zwift on a completely different computer in a completely different physical location. I’ve never had Swift on that computer before. I have the same problem. So I can’t see how it has anything to do with my computer. It’s seems to be a issue at Zwift’s end.

Just wondering if you use a VPN to connect ?

Looking at some other posts It uses the login time of the Game application that is controlling your trainer so is that the same or a different computer ?

Hey @Josie_L, genuine question - How do users actual get support and an update on any issues raised?

I raised an issue in the midst of the summer and not had any response to this at all.

It’s a fault zwift have introduced and need to fix, so this forum is not helpful to resolve.

I have this evening tried to follow up the email which resulted in me being pointed to the generic support pages.
I then tried to the chat option and was told no one is available after a wait.

So, how do we get support and a response to issues?
Is there a secret handshake I’m missing?

Hey Lee -

We have several tools and systems in place to support our members today. We start at support.zwift.com, and the contact us button is where members are able to get in touch with our larger team. We’re always looking to improve all pathways and processes. Currently, we’re looking to improve those escalation pathways, and find the best way to send updates on the latest bugs and issues that arise.

I do see your inquiry, and apologies - our chat system has hit a bit of a road bump today and we are working through those now. We’ll get someone in touch with you soon.

If you login in to the zwift site you can lodge the issue on the contact page and it will be forwarded to an ambassador. You will then get a notification when they are available to help. I didn’t get much success with the ambassador and they escalated it but nothing happened for weeks while I was waiting for the escalation to zwift from the Zwift ambassador. I think Zwift monitor the forums so if the ambassador/community support agent didn’t help make a noise of the forum and someone should pick it up


Thanks, I managed to work it out with Zwift. I think in the end it was a misunderstanding at my end of how the calendar functions,


You have read the forums right… What on earth makes you think any of that sentence is accurate.

Ah made me chuckle anyway. Thanks :slight_smile: