Why is my Kw so low?

Hi, I’m new to using Zwift, so far I’ve been on twice and attempted to complete the short FTP test.
When I say attempted to complete it, I’ve got no where near so I have given up.

It is so difficult, something isn’t right, i know I’m not the fittest of people but i must be doing something wrong somewhere.

I am only managing on average 50-60 Kw and when i go flat out i can get to about 120-130Kw.
So trying the FTP test, i just laugh as it wants me to peddle for 20 seconds at approx. 200, 300 & 400+.
I’ve only been able to complete 1 mile on the 2 times i have been on.

Help needed?

Can you post a run down of your setup, make sure you include your trainer, the device you are running Zwift on, how you are connecting the trainer to Zwift and any other info.

Also, check to make sure your weight is correct and since you are new to Zwift I would recommend setting your in-game FTP to around 150: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/user-profile-(age-weight-ftp)-Hkl5lAJWBX

Right now there is not enough info to even make guess at the issue.

Hi Paul,
My Trainer is a Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (Im aware there is a current issue with these with hill resistance)
I’m in the easiest gear available.
Weight is correct, I’m heavy, 300lbs
What else would you need?

What device are you running Zwift on (PC, Mac, iOS, ATV, Android)?
Have you reset your FTP down to 150 or lower?
Have you calibrated the trainer: http://www.insideride.com/qubocalibration/

If you are new to Zwift and cycling I would just suggest doing free rides for a few weeks to build up your endurance and bike strength before doing an FTP test or doing a training plan. In my opinion you will enjoy it much more.

Im using an Ipad, i’ll reset my FTP later tonight and see how i get along.
Ive also not calibrated the trainer, i wasnt aware i had to do this so will also take a look at the link, thanks.

I presumed the FTP test was the first thing to do as a kind of callibration against your fitness.
I’ll give the free rides a try as ive not tried those.

Thanks for your help.

I have been on Zwift for over 3 years and have yet to do an FTP (or a race or group ride, but that’s just me). Zwift has automatically raised my FTP from time to time, so after a good hard ride you could see a nice little popup congratulating you on an FTP increase.

When just starting out I would just enjoy the platform and you will build fitness and strength along the way. In my opinion an FTP test just tests how good you are at taking an FTP test.

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