How can I make it harder?

(Tacx Flow Smart / Apple TV)

Hey! I’m new to Zwift and getting a little frustrated. I did an FTP test when I first started, as suggested by Zwift. When I am in event or workout it is ridiculously easy. If I try to move at the power/speed which is comfortable the system scolds me telling me to slow down. If I go at the recommended pace, I feel as though I am not working at all. In a banded event when I look at other riders around me I am much, much lower in the w/kg level (I was at 0.5w/kg when others near me were well above 1w/kg. Then in a non-banded workout I had a much higher w/kg just to maintain staying near the pack, which everyone else was maintaining speed at a lower w/kg. And, of course, just as demoralizing is I invariably dropped to last position in both cases. I’ve calibrated the trainer several times and I’m dead on center. The only way I feel I can get a workout is by doing a free ride at my own pace…but the reason I joined Zwift is for the groups and events. 

Any help appreciated. 

Sounds like your FTP is set too low. You can manually adjust it upwards. This will make your workouts harder.

What is your current FTP Adam?

How much cycling have you done in the past?

Thanks for the feedback. I followed instructions to find my FTP and it was listed at 70. I pumped it up to 150 and did a lap. Felt good. Joined an event an also did as I had hoped. I have nothing to gauge that number on since I guess it’s a Zwift algorithm, right? When I say the 150 felt good, I sat most of the time in the mid-range of my rear cassette. I didn’t feel like I needed to be at the top or bottom just to maintain or make a move. 

As for my cycling history, I’m a road bike weekend warrior and weekday spin class guy. Nothing crazy. Weekend rides are anywhere from 20 - 40 miles on average. I’m 5’6", 52 years old and about 170 lbs. Not out of shape…but not quite where I want to be either. Hence, Zwift!

At an FTP of 70 that explains your problem.  Even my yorkie has a higher one than that…  :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

150 sounds much better. I have just broken 200 on mine and started at around 160. 

As Steve has said, 70 is way too low.

Go with your 150 set up and take another FTP test in a couple of weeks.

Ride On!