Is an ftp of 150 for a 250lb 44yr old man normal, or have I mis-calibrated?


So I’m a moderately fit guy coming off an injury and level of low activity who is trying Zwift out.  So as not to blow the bank on something I may or may not like, I am just using a Tacx Blue Matic with a Wahoo speed and cadence monitor.

The resistance on the TacX is permanently set to 3, but after the short ftp test my average was about 152.   I’m a 250 pound, 44 yr old  6’1 man.  

I have only done recreational cycling (city riding to and from work most days in summer), but the idea of holding even 180 watts for 20 minutes on my current set up is more than I can handle.   For reference, I could probably run a 10k tomorrow without a ton of hassle, but 200W would burn my thighs off after 5 minutes.

Is it calibration, or am I just insanely weak legged?   Anyone else have this?

There is no way for anyone to answer that question.

i will say an FTP of 152 is low for your size, but with out know anything about your fitness history there is no way to know if it is correct.

if you are not doing it to be competitive then your FTP real means little. Just have fun riding on Zwift and you will get better over time.

Most people who start out with a setup like you have are bragging about having FTP of over 300 until they get a smart trainer or a power meter and find out their FTP is under 200.

Just have fun and don’t worry about the numbers for now.

i agree with paul.  i’m 52 (started riding at 48, racing at 49, 5’9, 175#, ftp 273)

if i weren’t racing i would kinda gauge my conditioning if i’m in an outside group ride (with people i want to ride with),  is everybody going about the same exertion level or am I exerting myself beyond what everybody else is doing?   you are doing this for fun, so find a group that you can ride comfortably with.  gains will come over time.  my ftp started out much lower, but with training it did increase.  there is no magic bullet - just time in the saddle (and a good plan from my coach since i’m really racing against father time)

there are plenty of good training programs out there.  most of your riding will be way below your ftp and can get boring - that’s why i just joined zwift (to help relieve the boredom of inside trainer rides during the winter)

 if i weren’t racing i would not know what my ftp was, nor would i care. it’s just a #!

one last thing - are you sure the wattage is correct and not giving a false reading?

good luck!