FTP test's unrealistic goals

In a part of FTP test where I had to go 210W, 255W, 300W… It took me 132rpm at 52/11 to achieve 300W. 132rpm is possible but it is not something I would have had done on road. Is it really necessary to have such a high rpm? Or is there something wrong with my setup?

P.S. I got Tacx Vortex Smart.

I have a Tacx Vortex Smart and can definitely reach higher powers than that even when in nowhere near my highest gear. It sounds like there is something wrong with your set-up. Have you calibrated using the Tacx app? Maybe the tyre is slipping.

I should have mentioned before that it works fine in “just riding” mode. It produces normal power on normal gears. It is just the “FTP test” mode that seams to be unrealistic.

This is diagram showing a normal, riding mode (sprint) in Zwift… 600W, 84rpm

Odd. I did an FTP test on Saturday and noticed no obvious problems, but I didn’t go over about 310 watts, and most of the time was at more like 230. I did go at about 100rpm for 300W but I was only in 53x19 or something at the time (not 100% sure which gear I was in, rear block is 12-25 10sp and I was on maybe the 7th sprocket from the small end).

Was this in ERG mode? I’ve noticed on the short 10s intervals in other sessions (ERG on), aiming to do a roughly 300% increase in wattage doesn’t come with any change in resistance till roughly 5s already in the interval.

Consequently, the RPM is going skyhigh. 150 ~ 160+ at first, slowly going down to roughly 130 ~ 140 at the end of the 10s interval. The additional watts are generated purely by RPM alone, rather than the game jacking up the resistance. It feels as if this is a bug. Or at least I would hope this is not considered working as intended.


Using a Tacx Neo here.

I’m  using a  computrainer and the increase in resistance is immediate  (for the  10 sec max effort) BUT its  ramps up  so   high I  cant  turn the pedals after  3-4  seconds ( and my max power is like 900 watts…)


Just encountered that as well on the Jon’s short mix workout. 10 sec interval at max effort. The resistance on those ramps up instantly and at a very high level when compared to the FTP.

makes you feel kind of  wimpy!  Like  when you were a kid and couldn’t make it up the  neighborhood  hill!