Why hasn’t my stage 3 TdZ given be a green circle

Hi all
I completed the tour de Zwift stage 3 but didn’t get the green circle on my home page so it’s as if it didn’t register. Anyone any ideas why and if I can rectify or will I just need to do it again?

From the screen capture you posted, it seems like you didn’t complete the full route. Looking at the available routes for Stage 3, they appear to be closed loops: Stage 3: Cycling - Tour de Zwift 2023 | Zwift

There’ll be a catch-up week where you can ride Stage 3 again if you want to.

She may have snapped a screen shot before the red dot finished going around, the distance looks correct.

@Leila_Frances_BV did you have any wifi dropouts or anything happen during the ride?

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Hi, I definitely completed the route and did’t have the wifi drop so it is weird it didn’t register. My Zwift power shows I completed the route. Leila

Actually just checked my ZP and it is missing from there which is really odd.

I have the same issue