Why does the ride not match what is shown in description?

I chose London Loop today because is was 9.2 miles and fit the time I had available.But this has happened often in that as I look at the progress bar it shows only 40% complete even though I had ridden 9.2 miles. Why is this?

The “progress bar” you’re talking about is not related to the lap distance, it’s your progress to the next level. You’re about 40% of the way from level 14 to 15 :+1:

Also any route you select will take slightly longer than the stated mileage because you will always start a little before the start/finish gate.


Thanks so much for explaining that; I’ve always wondered! Glad I asked.

Events (races, etc) do have a progress bar though, which may have added to the confusion!

There are reports of route progress bars on some of the longer routes as well. See Unannounced features.