Dumb Question / New user alert 🙄

Hello, I have been doing those Swift figure 8 courses which states that it is 29 km long, when I hit that mileage on the screen it does not show me that the course is complete. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t modify The predetermined computer directions in anyway. I just follow the course as the computer takes me.

Thanks for anybody who takes the time to write some feedback. I’m really enjoying this zwift computer program.

Bill ( New user)

When you choose a course to ride it simply makes all of the proper turns for you to keep you on the chosen course.  You can ride it as many times as you want but you won’t see any lap completion notice that I know of.  You can manually change your route too if you are close enough to an input device when the turn signals appear on screen.


Thank you for taking the times to respond.  I really appreciate it. Still trying to clearly understand what’s happening. 

Example: This morning I did the London loop.  When I finished one loop the timer on my screen appeared to START as if I was just beginning the London Loop.  I will try to get a screen shot next time this happens.

Again, thank you and RIDE ON.



Once you start riding on a a course/route you have selected you will remain on the course/route until you choose to end the ride. The timer you are seeing is for the Jersey competition for the fastest lap on the designated route for that course. It seem you are over thinking it, once you select a course all you need to do is ride and Zwift will take care of the turns.

Here is a helpful guide for you: http://www.titaniumgeek.com/cycling/zwift-user-manual-unofficial-running-updates/


Paul, thank you very much, that helps a lot. And thank you very much for the link I will check that out.Bill