Off route

Ive only just started using Zwift and have a question regarding the courses. 

This morning, I selected the London Loop course to do, approximately 15kms for the course. 

I was expecting a complete loop of the course in the indicated 15km (give or take) however it didn’t seem to follow the course indicated here:

I know there is no official “finish” line however if I let Zwift do its thing and not change direction or anything, should it follow the course?

Every course has a finish line. Not every London course uses the official start/finish banner. the classique starts and ends with the sprint banner much like the flat course on Richmond.

Don’t forget your mileage for the ride will be higher. You may ride 0.5 kilometers before starting a 15.5 km course. thus, your total ride will be 16 km before you cross the line. And the flat courses are about 4 or 5 km from when you start riding. It has thrown many a racer off.

Check the course on Strava first, esp race courses on zwift. The laps on volcano circuit often confuse people the first time.

Hi Terry, 


Yes if you select a course Zwift will follow the course, no need to select any turns.

Once you done the loop Zwift will just start another lap.

Thanks for the responses. It clears it up for me

Ive ridden Zwift since and the courses were as expected. Not sure on this one. But it makes sense.