Why do data between Zwift and ZP getting corrupted?

Cant post link herre, but see: Zwift - Race: British Cycling Time Trial Series (A) on Classique in London 11/04-24 kl 20.30.

Assume you mean this event ZwiftPower - Login

which i suspect it’s all linked to this problem Zwiftpower not working - #16 by Paul_Gibbings

We are looking into this problem. There seems to a problem related with how the .fit files are written that causes this inconsistency in the power values. This is not a ZwiftPower problem.

About the event rankings processing, that’s a separate issue. We are also aware of it. Basically processing is slower than usual, so we will need to change a few things for it to go back to normal.

If possible to answer this; do you know if the “corrupted” rides will be fixed in our ZP profiles?
Or is that even a possibility?

The obvious ones are where the NP’s are negatives, but unsure if there’s a way for ZP to redo those messed up events again.

No I don’t think it will be possible unfortunately. If the fit files have missing data there is no way to recover those missing parts. ZwiftPower can re-process events so that wouldn’t be the problem.

Yes, but it is only an example. Asume its about 2 mounts since I see the problem first time.