Why did Zwift freeze for 30 seconds during a race yesterday?

Yesterday at about 5:45pm MST, I was in a race (Zwift Racing League | WTRL - Open Americas Central Division 1) with many others and while in the pack, Zwift decided to freeze for about 30 secs. I kept pedaling at the same pace and when it unfroze, Zwift put me out of the pack and behind about 30 secs. Obviously I could not catch back up. I don’t have problems with freezing so I’d like to know if this was an issue on Zwift’s end or mine. I have noticed though that with the latest upgrades it takes an unusual amount of time to load up initially and to load up courses. Before the upgrades in the last few months it never took this long. Any reason for this? BTW, my network is rock solid with plenty of bandwidth and speed. You can see below, very early in the race where the freeze happened.

It would probably be best for you to contact support, maybe they can look at your game logs? You didn’t give us any information on your system, so us forum users will have no way of knowing if this was on your end or Zwift’s. However, it sounds like this only affected you in the race and not everyone else, so that would point to an issue on your end.

Yes, did Zwift freeze, or did the trainer you were using drop for a while. I had dropouts a couple years ago that drove me nuts. I think it was the microwave causing it too, btw.

Running Zwift on what?

I am running the Wahoo Kickr Bike.

What did you see on the screen when the problem was happening? Did it lock up and you saw no movement, until 30 seconds later? What are the specs for the machine running Zwift (not your trainer)? If it’s not Apple TV, you can upload a log file for the ride to zwiftalizer.com and send it to Zwift support for analysis.