Temporary Freeze After January 29, 2017 Update

(Andy Warhol) #1

This official Zwift post suggested I provide feedback here. On February 2nd, after the update on January 29th, 2017, I participated in the A group of the ZTR Thursday Training Race (Americas-East). Everything went fine until toward the very end. With less than 1 km to go to the finish, I noticed three problems that may or may not be related and may or may not have anything to do with the aforementioned update.

(1) The distance to the end of the event, as indicated on the progress bar toward the top of the screen, was inaccurate and counted down to 0 meters prematurely, roughly 400 m before the actual finish line. Perhaps it was inadvertently counting down to the starting gate, but the starting gate is not the actual finish line; the finish line is the actual finish line.

(2) There was no race-results window that popped up when I hit the finish line. When finishing a race that uses the events module, a results window normally pops up on the screen showing placings of the individual racers, including oneself. This did not display. Normally, when it does display, my avatar freezes at the line for a moment, perhaps 3 seconds or so following the immediate appearance of the results window. This time, my avatar did indeed freeze, but, as I said, there were no results displayed.

(3) The freezing of my avatar as described above in number (2) lasted a very long time, perhaps 1 or 2 minutes. Indeed it seemed like everything in Zwift was frozen. I was unable to bring up the orange “Menu” button that normally gets displayed in the bottom left of the screen, and, in fact, Zwift seemed completely unresponsive to any mousing action. I was about to do a “force quit” when, inexplicably, the program snapped out of this frozen state and resumed apparently normal function.

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the report! I’m creating an ticket for you from this post so we can get your logs. Keep an eye on your inbox :slight_smile: