Problem with appearens

Hi. I have a problem with my zwift acount. Whenever I participate in a race, I do not appear on the resultlist or zwift power. This have been a problem the last few weeks. But it worked fine when I participated in the first round of zrl. Do you know how to fix this problem? Best regards Sanne

Do you have the latest version of Zwift 1.48?

In this event you are shown in the LIVE tab on ZwiftPower but it thinks you didn’t finish the race.

Also, your activity shows you rode 24km, the race was 23km, ZwiftPower thinks you rode 22.7km. Was there anything strange going on near the finish? I’m not sure what happened.

As Dejan suggested Sanne may not be on the latest game version. Two of her results screens still show the pre 1.45 old style results screen.

I believe her Live data for all recent races show as not finished with distances very close to race length.


Exactly…that’s why i asked. I think this is the reason.
The other reason would be Shadowban…but then i don’t think you can enter races.

I have found one other who has similar issue. Common factor both just returning to riding after break.

Question - if someone doesn’t ride for a while and misses 2 or 3 game updates could coming back and then updating game to version 1.48, but missing out updates 1.45-1.47, make a difference. Can something be missed by missing updates?

No, the launcher will update you to the latest version which includes everything you need.

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not a dev but i think the launcher just runs a quick check for the latest available update whenever you load it regardless of what version you are on unless you somehow disable that process. it’s possible that a firewall or something is preventing the OP’s client from doing that, but i will leave the actual diagnosis up to staff

THANK YOU EVERYBODY!! You have solved my problem :muscle:

I have now updated zwift to the latest version, and now it is working perfect again :slight_smile:

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