Why can't I join events. The event shows up but when I click it nothing happens

Why can’t I join events. It shows up on the main app I click on the event the joining symbol goes off and nothing happens. Please help as I am missing out on so much having just joined Zwift. Regards Col Thorne UK.

Good morning @Col_Thorne_Dorset

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what device do you use to run Zwift.

Hi I am using a android phone and screen casting to a TV. Also my turbo is a elite zumo. Everything is connected perfect normal rides load fine it’s just the events. Regards Col.

You need to enter one of the available worlds and start riding for the “join” event button to appear.

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Hi Mike, The join tab is showing on the left side but soon as I click on it. It goes the event is still there but no joined event tab shows. Hope this makes sense or maybe I a dinosaur :grin:.

I’m sorry, but I’m not following you.

Here are the steps:

  1. sign up for event, use the companion app for this as it is easiest
  2. open Zwift on phone, log in as usual at least 5 minutes before the event starts
  3. choose any world and route, start ride
  4. “join” button should appear in lower left of screen 30 minutes before the event starts
  5. click on “join”, Zwift should take you to the start pens in whatever world the event takes place on
  6. enjoy the ride!
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