Why! cadence jumped

Hi, spotted today on a ride my cadence jumped from 80 to 96, to 80, to 96. Appreciate over a minute its 1 rpm per few secs but its driving me crazy. Ive a low cadence interval to do this week and not sure ill keep 55rpm since its either 80 or 96 on the menu! Help!!@

Provision of help will require you to provide details of your setup. :+1:

also, it doesn’t matter what your cadence is in workout mode, you will still get the star as long as the power target is achieved, cadence has no impact.

Since a low cadence is essential in a low cadence workout … if you use a cadence sensor a new battery might do the trick … ?

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The sensor is on the bike. I understand the issue might be fixed by turning off bike then leaving off a few mins

Wattbike Atom? If so - yeah, that’ll sort it :+1:

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