Why am i forced A?

Wanted to do some Zwift racing again but browsing on the companion app i am forced to A in all races.
I am nowhere near strong enough for A so i wont race there. tried it twice but i get dropped within 1-2 minutes which makes sense racing guys with up to 100 watts more ftp, let alone 5 min power.

Now looking at my last efforts i didnt see anything out of the ordinary for B, can someone explain to me why i am forced to A

You’re in category E without a zFTP, which I think means you haven’t done an effort in the last 90 days. If you go out and do a ride or workout you should get a category assigned.

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Are you quitting after 1-2 minutes? Or just rolling slowly. The details around the minimum requirements are sparse, but you need to save an activity of a certain length to get a minimum category assigned. Not sure how long, it could be as little as 5 minutes. 20 minutes is plenty.

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as Aaron says you’ve no activity on zwift since the 23rd November.

If you do something on zwift. sit with a pace bot for 15 mins then try again you should have access to more categories.

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Thank you, that explains it. So without an effort the last 90 days you can only do A and E. Will do some riding first.

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Yes @David_Danser

I recommend “racing” one of the Big Spin group rides. They are competitive at the front so you would get an accurate category from an effort like that.