Whoop HR Data

Hey Zwift fam! Any Whoop users out there? I’ve had really spotty experiences with BLE HR data from the Whoop band to Zwift in both run and ride applications. The band pairs and the app picks up the data, but the HR data is wildly inaccurate and jumps all over the place. I have both an Apple Watch and a TICKER X and neither of them produces the same crazy HR data as the Whoop band. Usually when I begin an activity, HR data from the Whoop band will show my HR as very high and then as the activity progresses it will normalize. I’ve run dual HR monitors (TICKR X and Whoop; Apple Watch and Whoop) and this is only an issue with the Whoop band. I’ve done all the fittings for the Whoop band and I don’t think this is a BLE interference issue. Anyone else experience this issue? Thanks!

Hi @Dread_Pirate_Sizzleh, welcome to the forums.

I’ve heard that the Whoop 3.0 doesn’t do a good job of measuring HR, but the 4.0 is supposed to be better? Which one do you have?

I have a very cheap “watch” from amazon called the Amazfit band, and it is horrible with HR compared to my chest strap. This seems to be a common issue with the optical style wrist straps.

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Hi @Mike_Rowe1 - thanks! I have the Whoop 3.0. Ordered the 4 months and months ago, but “supply chain” issues. When I’ve worked with Whoop tech support about data issues, they always want to go to the “fit” of the device and where it’s positioned on the wrist… which doesn’t seem particularly practical for someone active!

I find the WHOOP heart rate to track pretty well for largely steady-state efforts, or ones where my heart rate is changing fairly slowly over time.

It’s terrible for rapid changes - spikes caused by a big sprint for example - in my experience. A while ago, I did an effort that hit 174bpm earlier according to my Tickr chest strap, with a full 2 minutes above 155bpm.

WHOOP? Nothing above 154. That’s with a 4.0 too, by the way.

And unlike you, I find that the WHOOP under reads my HR when I start an activity. It can take several minutes for it to catch up to what my chest strap is telling me.

I always use a chest strap for Zwifting, and I’d never use the WHOOP’s broadcast HR for anything other than the steady state cardio I mentioned before - if even that.