Garmin HRM to Zwift Issue

Hello all
I have been using zwift for around 4 months without issue however in the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed my heart rate info is intermittent at best. Ive tried to disconnect HRM and re connect to no avail and have also put a new battery in the HRM just in case but still the data works for a while then stops showing any increase/decrease! any help appreciated.

Which HRM is it, and how is it connected? What’s your setup?

Hi Steve, its a Garmin Dual chest rig connected to a macbook air if that helps.

I had the same or similar issues with my Garmin HRM Tri…… would connect fine but nearly always silly high HR (Like 220 or something) the odd time it was fine but mostly crazy. I also changed the battery but no change…… I thought it was the HRM dying on me but maybe not???

I have found that when the Garmin is showing crazy high HR it often means that the band either needs to be thoroughly cleaned, or is shot and needs to be replaced.

Yeah TBH this is what I thought it was and have already ordered a replacement; just thought it was odd someone else sees similar at the same time ish……