Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate inaccurate reading

Hi Zwift Community,

Recently I started experiencing significant hr drops between Zwift and Wahoo Tickr (new unit). For example, my Whoop band shows consistent rate of 150-156bpm and the Tickr does not go above 134bpm. I have been Tickr since I started Zwifting back in 2021 with no issues. The monitor does not loose connection at all (paired via Companion app), just inaccurate reading. It started about 2 months ago. Does anyone else have similar issues, or is just me? :slight_smile: Thank you!

Have you tried replacing the battery or cleaning the strap? If you have and it still is not reading well, I’d recommend contacting Wahoo support as they seem to be pretty helpful.

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Thank you Oliver. Yes, I did change the battery and cleaned the prongs and still the same. I will reach out to Wahoo.

Hi Ivan, another thing you can try is to reset the HR strap per instructions below - it helped me solve similar issue:

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give the strap a good clean and make sure it is quite tight and hasn’t loosened off when around the chest

I had this with my Tickr. It worked flawlessly for months, then started to get stuck around 120bpm randomly, sometimes it would work for half the workout then drop to 120-125bpm and stay there for a while, etc. First I changed the battery, and that didn’t do anything to help. Then I started being diligent about washing it with mild soap after each ride which did seem to help for a while. That worked fine for months, when eventually that stopped working and it started going back to being unreliable.

Eventually the pads started separating so I decided to message Wahoo. They gave me a new unit and so far that one is working well, but I’ve only had this new Tickr for a month, so I’ll see if it ends up with the same issue. This time around I’m being more diligent about washing it each time from the start.

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These type of HR straps does not last very long, a year of everyday use is about max I got with my POLAR strap. Polar used to have a Shop where you could test the straps and I had to replace mine yearly.

I am sure the straps these days are better but they don’t have a unlimited lifetime.

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I just had similar issue with my Tickr X. And it has happened before.

Resetting the Tickr as mentioned in this thread has solved the issue for me whenever the Tickr has started having this inconsistent behaviour.

Just contact Wahoo and submit a warranty claim to get a free replacement and ask for a TICKR FIT - the around the arm one. I went through 3 chest strap HRMs and all of them eventually went to crap. I have had the forearm TICKR FIT for at least 9 months now and except for 1 instance where I needed to force a restart, it has worked perfectly!

Also, with regards to restarting, the TICKR FIT has an actual power on/off, making resetting on the fly actually possible!

I have exactly this problem, including the 120-125 bpm ‘sticking’. See my image of interval session, where HR is unrelated to intensity, with occasional spikes back to where the HR reading should be.

Strap washed and pads wetted before riding. Batteries changed.

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quite possible its the strap itself then