Wahoo Tickr - Lower than expected BPM readings

I don’t know if this is something to do with Zwift or my Wahoo Tickr, but over the last week, I’ve noticed a drop in the readings for my BPMs within Zwift. Regardless of new batteries, how washed the strap is, or how many times I reconnect the Tickr to Zwift, these are the things that I’m seeing when riding in any position on the bars / drops

  • HR will “flat line” for minutes on time. For example, on my ride yesterday, the reading on screen was stuck at 152bpm for minutes on end.
  • Prior to the last week, I didn’t have to fuss too much over the position of the strap, but now it seems particularly sensitive to position to the point where if I move it even a millimeter up or down, my HR readings will drop by about 10bpm
  • Whether climbing or in a sprint, I often times “max” out at 155bpm, which given historical data, is incredibly low for an intense effort.
  • However, if I sit upright, the readout in Zwift “spikes” to where it should be (157+), but drops to a lower reading (152ish) when I go back into the drops.
  • I do have a fan blowing on me, but this has never been an issue. I don’t know if something became more sensitive in a recent Zwift or Wahoo update, but here we are.

I don’t know if this is an with Zwift, my strap, my Tickr, or something else. I haven’t had a chance to get outside for a ride to see if there’s something amiss, but it’s only been within the past week that this has become an issue (a friend of mine is having similar issues with his; basically the exact same setup as me). I’m going to reach out to Wahoo directly to see if this is a firmware issue, but wanted to start here because something seems amiss.

Is anyone else experiencing something like this with their Tickr?

I am having similar issue with the tickr x. It used to be perfect but recently it will read correctly for 5-10 mins, then drop off 30-40 bpm under, then 10-15 bpm over and then settle to normal. Very annoying and I can’t find a cause. Various batteries tried, latest firmware installed. Have emailed the supplier today also…

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I recently gave up on my tickr and bought a dual band Garmin hrm. That’s been perfect so far.

Paul - Were you having similar issues to either Scott or myself? Or was it just enough was enough?

No, mine either worked or didn’t work. I was just fed up with having to mess around with it before every ride to get it to start working.

I’ve had an ant+ Garmin hrm for over 10 years and it has been faultless. I bought the tickr when I started Zwifting. Quality wise it has always felt inferior. But it has had decent periods when it worked well I suppose. But compared to the Garmin it has been poor.

Hence coming to replacing it I went for the dual band Garmin. Fingers crossed that it will be as reliable as my older one.

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Appreciate the additional thoughts. I too switched over to the Tickr after I bought my Wahoo trainer, and, I agree with your thoughts on the quality of the Tickr. I am curious if the new version of the Tickr is any better, but, based on what Scott was saying, that’s probably not going to solve whatever issue I’m having.

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I have same issue with two HRMs. I’m using Garmin DualBand (chest), my wife using Wahoo Tickr Fit (arm). With both devices HR accidentally stuck around 75 BPM. Because this happens with two devices and not happens with TrainerRoad I suspect that it’s Zwift issue.

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I’m having the exact same issue. Mine is reading low and doesn’t fluctuate. Will be stuck on 120 bpm. I look at my Apple Watch and it says I’m at 160. I’m guessing it’s a Zwift issue. This just started happening.

Garmin has been very good for me for many years, but I have also been using the Polar OH1 (for bluetooth connection) which although is on my upper arm, gives me the same readings as my Garmin. I’m really impressed.
If my Garmin gave up, I’d definitely try the Polar H10 chest strap.

I’m having similar problems with my wahoo tickr which is giving low readings eg today when climbing Ventoux it was stuck on c60bpm (I wish!). I dont have a high HR but it definitely would be between 130-150bpm on this climb. I’ve tried changing the battery but hasn’t resolved it. Is this a result of recent Zwift update? I’m loathe to buy a new HR monitor if that’s not the problem. Help Zwift…?

Y’all are wetting your heart rate strap before you wear it, right?

Yep. Have followed all of Wahoo’s instructions to a T. Even with that—and a new HR monitor direct from Wahoo—I’m still getting lower than expected HR readings. They jump upwards of 10bpm when I sit up, and then drop when I go back to the bars…

Same here: as soon as I sweat the problem goes away. Is it tightened well? Did you get it wet on the contact points? However on their site there is no longer the replacement band … unfortunately …

(I checked this at the same time on zwift / bolt / apple watch / tickr)