White screen starting Zwift

I know this has been discussed before (since the new updating!), but I still can’t start Zwift. I’m using Windows 10 and Google Chrome as browser. I already installed the ActiveX option and enabled whatever needed to be enabled.

Have been using Zwift without any problems for approx.1 year… And c’mon this is not “I can’t get the whatever jersey to fit my avatar…(!!!)” but I can’t use Zwift at all!!!. So pls, Zwift support, get your ranking of issues right…!

i am having same issues, tried updating drivers and still no go. according to pc manufacturer my device is current, zwift support indicates it’s not. very frustrating.

See: White Screen (with music) after "LET'S GO"

One solution there. Maybe it will help.

I found that the application Duet created a conflict with the graphics. Removing Duet resolved the issue.

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