Which resistance settings do we use for Old/Classic turbo trainers?

(Vincent Nadon (C)) #1



When I select the Classic/Old style Mag turbo trainer for Zwift it says to select position 5 for resistance, but my trainer (an old CyclOps Mag) doesn’t have numbers written to adjust the resistance. So how do I set it? Halfway ?


Also I am wondering if the setted resistance affects the calculation of the FTP (power) in Zwift? How does it work? I would think that the minimum resistance would give a higher FTP than the hardest resistance no?


Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:



(Michael Britton) #2

Good Question. Jumping on this thread.

(Andreas Grewe) #3

Well if your trainer is “supported” or not… What does it mean? It means they testet which resistance is correct.

Do that by yourself. For example I have an old Tacx Cycletrack, the specs are similar to the new tacx blue Twist.

So I choose it from the list. It says Position 3 of 7, so the “middle”, maybe one step down.

You start to ride and look for your heartrate you normally have at the Speed you ride most times when outside.

If it fits - great. If not, Change the Position of the magnetic brake a Little up/down until Speed and heartrate Kind of match.