Which resistance settings do we use for Old/Classic turbo trainers?



When I select the Classic/Old style Mag turbo trainer for Zwift it says to select position 5 for resistance, but my trainer (an old CyclOps Mag) doesn’t have numbers written to adjust the resistance. So how do I set it? Halfway ?


Also I am wondering if the setted resistance affects the calculation of the FTP (power) in Zwift? How does it work? I would think that the minimum resistance would give a higher FTP than the hardest resistance no?


Thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:



Good Question. Jumping on this thread.

Well if your trainer is “supported” or not… What does it mean? It means they testet which resistance is correct.

Do that by yourself. For example I have an old Tacx Cycletrack, the specs are similar to the new tacx blue Twist.

So I choose it from the list. It says Position 3 of 7, so the “middle”, maybe one step down.

You start to ride and look for your heartrate you normally have at the Speed you ride most times when outside.

If it fits - great. If not, Change the Position of the magnetic brake a Little up/down until Speed and heartrate Kind of match.