"Dumb" Magnetic Trainers

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I’m new to Zwift, but not new to Indoor Training. I’ve been training on my Giant Cyclotron Mag for the last three years and always had set to the highest resistance. Now that I’m on Zwift, I’m “asked / required” to have the Trainer set to Level 4. The result is that I now “spin-out” easily when in my 52 Front/11 Rear gear combination whilst still being relatively comfortable. During my FTP Ramp test I’m not able to reach my Max Effort without exceeding the cadence “limit” of 100.

I posed the question to Zwift to possibly consider the required “resistance” to be set to Maximum instead of Level 4. Feedback I received was to get the input from the Community as to it is something Zwift should do.

May I have your comments regarding the general prescribed resistance levels on the “dumb” magnetic trainers?

  • Prescribed Resistance Levels are correct
  • Prescribed Resistance Levels need to be higher

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Hi @Gerhard_Eloff welcome to the Forum.

These type of questions come up quite often.

I would say it is ok to increase the resistance to make yourself more comfortable.
Your power will not be accurate but if you are using Z Power, it will not be accurate anyway.

I used a classic trainer with wheel speed sensors and Z Power for 3 years.
I worked hard to make it consistent but it was never accurate.

I did not realize that until I did a race with real life friends that were faster than me and I was ahead and at a lower heart rate zone.

I got a Kenetic Road Machine and an InRoad sensor for $200.

Use your trainer at what ever setting you want, for free rides, social rides and work outs.
It won’t be fair to race with it no matter how good you think it is.

Hi Gerrie

Contacting Zwift regarding this was my first action. Their reply was that I need to raise the matter on the forum and get an indication from the forum if there’s a need to have the power profiles of the “dumb” trainers re-evaluated in order to have them at more demanding levels.

I’ll just set my trainer to max resistance and redo my FTP test in order to get my training back on track. Yes, the measurements will not be accurate etc, and I might be slower in the races and other events, but at least I’ll get the physiological benefits of training at an appropriate level as long as I always work from the same resistance level.


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