Where is this infamous FTDI USB to serial/stereo adapter?

Found this page describing a computrainer to Zwift connection but so many of the important links (like the first two for example) do not work. Where can I actually see info about now to do this?

“pairing-a-computrainer-trainer-r1m75EZlS” is part of the URL to this page faulty page.

Also is it a FTDI USB to serial or FTDI USB to stereo cable? I see both terms used in lots of places.


Hi @John_Accardi

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Try posting in the forum where you found the info.

I assume they’re referring to this Zwift Support page: Pairing a Computrainer Trainer

It contains hyperlinks that no longer work.

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This post may be useful: Anyone out there with a Computrainer? - #10 by jakefox1 - Equipment - TrainerRoad

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Thanks Dave.

Thanks for this link, Dave. It contains a link to another cable but Amazon shows it out of stock so I guess I will just have to wait until it is available.