Where is the love for your longest supporters?

I’ve been a level 50 for a few years, have 20+ million drops after buying all sorts of things I never use, have all the badges (except 2 I’m never going to get) and have been an avid Zwift rider and fan since 2017. When is Zwift going to do something for the people like me who’ve been your longest and loyal customers? Another virtual kit, bike, wheel is meaningless… what’s to work for? Isn’t there anything you can do for the people who’ve supported you longest? Maybe something like:

  • Ability to buy real life items from the store with drops: T-shirt, hat, socks, etc.
  • Jersey with your badges on it (why have badges if you are the only one to see them?)
  • Anniversary jerseys for number of years you’ve been a member
  • Levels greater than 50 (duh)
    I’m sure other “old timers” have some ideas as well. So, what do you think?.. anyway to show your appreciation for those who’ve helped out the longest?


This is all I ask for.


I agree completely and in the same boat. Unlock levels greater than 50 and unlock new longer term challenges like the Everest one which got us a Tron bike. These a great motivators to me personally.

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I agree, I am in the same sort of boat but not at level 50. I have all the badges except 1. Probably never ride to get it. I am only at level 42 but kind of bored with it. No in game motivation, I don’t really have a huge drive to get to level 50 because there is no nugget there for me to get. Just a end to the levels. Have all the fastest, lightest, most aero stuff. Tron is still really king over a few set ups but got them all anyways. I think you should get a 2nd version of tron at 50 that is best bike in game for all road/hill/flat/gravel type set up. Something?!

I would really love to hear what percentage of people are at what level though? How many in terms of percent are over 40, 45, and at 50.

I just canceled my Membership. I have been a member since mid-2016, without any interruption, and now have enough of all the Bugs that aren’t being addressed. The worst part is that Wahoo Kickr riders are being cheated the hell out of, and Zwift doesn’t care. Look at the BS Group Dynamics, don’t get me started on it, but Zwift does not do anything about it or even address it.
@Steve_Ricketts_Dirt: Nice Dream. Zwift does not care how long you have supported them; they have a big community now.

I’m a Zwift Wahoo Kickr Core rider. Can you elaborate more on how I’m being cheated? Does using the Kickr somehow put me at a disadvantage compared to the non-kickr riders?

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At the weekend we had the first IRL club ride on the summer bikes. 73 miles at 19.5mph average with a few stiff climbs in the mix. Using Zwift through the winter to ensure i was in decent spring shape for these kinds of rides is all the motivation i need.

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I believe they were referring to the kickr bike and how it is a mess with steering always kicking you out of the draft.