Where is just ride?

Hi, just loaded up zwift after covid. I used to just pick a world and go! Navigating with the iPhone companion. Has this option completely gone with the new windows interface (it should support previous functionality).

Yeah, you have to choose a route, or pace partner first now. No more “just ride” which would have remembered your last chosen route in Watopia.

Thanks for that, it saves me spending hours looking for it. I suppose forcing users to predefined routes saves them computing power. Time to look at other virtual riding apps.

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Mike is correct the the way to use Zwift has change a bit.

With the new Home screen you have a suggestion of 3 routes that you can select if you just want a ride without having to decide what to ride.

Or you can select Routes and select one of the 3 available worlds and any route in that world.


See this for more information.


The functionality while riding hasn’t changed, the only change was in how you get onto the road. On the old Home Screen a route was automatically selected and you had to open the Routes screen if you wanted to change the route before clicking Ride. The new Home Screen made the process of selecting a route a little more sleek, but once you’re on the road you still have the option of making manual turn decisions instead of letting Zwift auto steer you along the selected route