When sprint comes above800W resistance drops to zero

the problem is identified… it’s the speed sensor on the kickr…

I’m using Zwift now for several years and can do sprints above 1100 W. But since end October '21 I’ve a problem…
When I do a sprint in Zwift and wattage comes above 800 watt ( 802 is last recorded ). the resistance drops to 300 watt and later to zero … when the flywheel of the kickr is slowing down the resistance comes back

Have tested a sprint using the wahoo element bolt as a controller and I can sprint above 800 watts.

Is there some issue with kickr V1 and Zwift…

I’m running a kickr V1 + wahoo tickrX + wahoo cadence
connectectd in general with ANT+ but problem also occurs with Bluetooth
normally runs zwift an macbook pro
however tested this also on a recent lenovo notebook(windows(10) both ant and BT and iphone 12

hope on some help
looks like wahoo

Hi @Rolf_ter_Wal

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I would suggest you try sprinting using the wahoo app. I am thinking that the unit my be overheating and go into safe mode.

thanks … looks like issue wiuth the unit I’m having the same issues now with my wahoo elem… in the lower resistance levels .

It seems to cut out at a specific speed

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What you can try is to put a van (Edit: Fan) blowing on the unit.

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fan :wind_face:


yep a van is way to heavy to get into the room :wink:

thing is the unit is not warm … and it seems to cut at 39 km an hour.

I just took the cap of where light sensor sits to clean the the “zebra” ciclean the eye… hpe it helps… That has been an issue in the past… but it was not dirty.

I did a quick search and found this support article:https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409055306770-Dropped-or-Erratic-Speed-Power

Hope it can be of some help.

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You should get in touch with Wahoo support.

that’s it the description in the article complies with my problem… it didn’t solve it yet …

when I speed up over 39km/h the unit stops. no matter the wattage output…

cleaned the optical sensor like described in the article, and the optical disc ( Zebra disc ). but did not help yet
next step is to send some files to wahoo support… however this is a 2014 unit, so I don’t expect much

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You may be surprised, Wahoo took care of me when my core was past the official warranty. Hope they get your unit back up and operational!