Continuing Problems with Zwift Losing Control of Wahoo KICKR - DANGEROUS!!!

(Kerry Webb) #1

I was sprinting fast down the long steep hill toward the finish line, when suddenly my KICKR dropped out of Sim mode into Resistance (or Level) mode. I nearly pulled a muscle due to the extremely abrupt change in resistance level. I’m afraid this is going from a nuisance issue to a problem putting riders at risk.

Zwift - Can we please get some feedback on this problem please?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Kerry,

We’re aware of the issue and are trying to figure out why, exactly it seems to be happening. It seems to manifest itself in a different way each time we feel we’ve solved it. :frowning:

(Kerry Webb) #3

Thanks Eric. Let me know if there’s any information about my riding environment I can provide or particular data to collect on future rides.

(Kerry Webb) #4

Eric - Will my log be of any assistance?

Here’s an excerpt from the log showing what I felt in terms of resistance (near instantaneous jump from 144.90 watts to 811.32 watts. This was proceeded by 18 seconds of KICKR transmission failures.

[12:34:04] ANT : [PowerMeter] WheelPower: EC: 013 WT: 013 Period: 04047 AccumTorque: 04116

[12:34:04] ANT : [PowerMeter] Vang = 65.69 radians/sec Tavg: 2.21 nm Pavg: 144.90 watts

[12:34:04] FPS 13, -7166, 15541, -30247

[12:34:04] ANT : [PowerMeter] WheelPower: EC: 014 WT: 014 Period: 04387 AccumTorque: 04802

[12:34:04] ANT : [PowerMeter] Vang = 37.85 radians/sec Tavg: 21.44 nm Pavg: 811.32 watts

(DJ Trump[MAGA]) #5

Has zwift looked at the kickr firmware? I updated to one of their beta firmwares 1.3.8 and it helped with dropouts with other apps (veloreality & bkool), so I hope it helps with Zwift