When i end a ride

Hi All
When i end a ride i save it the image’s get up loaded. After that it put’s me back at the login screen tap name to sign in then have to pair everything back up for another ride.
Using samsung galaxy A8 tablet running the latest update. Other then that no provlem’s so far.

That’s how it works on Android. It’s not a bug or fault. Most people don’t do multiple activities in one session unless they are badge hunting on shorter courses perhaps.

Cheer’s Stuart for the info i did’nt know that’s how it worked in android.
i did one ride at 32ish miles then another at 7ish miles. Not badge hunting just exploring routes i have not done yet been zwifting since feb 2nd this year.
Many Thank’s

Keep ticking them off.

You’ll learn more and more as you go.

Here a link that’s got loads of useful stuff & of course if you’ve any questions we’re all here to help.